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Service Features

Facility Management

  • Warehouses have RC construction and compression and vibration resistance.
  • Storage of constant-temperature items.
  • All-area video monitors and round-the-clock security guards.
  • Fingerprint entry controls.
  • Round-the-clock temperature monitoring.
  • Round-the-clock pest-control.
  • Dock areas possess interlocking buffer areas preventing contamination of goods in storage areas.
  • Physical segregation of special areas, entry control by specially-assigned personnel.
  • Assignment of professional pharmaceutical warehouse management, tallying, and QA personnel to perform overall management.


Information Management Equipment

  • Integrated supply chain planning, integrated information system service
  • High-efficiency computerized automatic temperature control equipment.
  • Innovative online and mobile information systems enabling real-time monitoring of the status of goods.
  • Offsite information system backup and data security protection; safeguarding the integrity of customers' incoming and outgoing cargo.
  • Systematic tracking of pharmaceuticals' logistics history.


Customer Services

  • Custom storage management service, incoming/outgoing freight management, performance management, distribution processing, picking and labeling, shrink packaging, packaging modification, devanning, and storage data exchange and feedback.
  • Taiwan-wide single-window service. We provide quick responses and handling of delivery status queries, customer service, and bill checks, and have a logistics support real-time feedback service.
  • Customer-designated approved recycling services.
  • Reverse logistics service.