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Q & A

What is a hub?


A hub is the general term for a place where there are numerous types of transportation facilities serving to transfer, dispatch, or accept passengers and cargo and located where trunk lines employing one or more means of transportation intersect or connect. This term is commonly used in the transportation industry.


What is AS/RS automatic storage equipment?


Automated systems comprising high storage racks, forklifts, various types of forklift truck, storage/retrieval systems, unmanned transport vehicles, a control system, and peripheral equipment. These systems can make full use of storage space, and employ computers to achieve online control of equipment, swiftly and accurately handle goods in accordance with the principle of first-in first-out, and perform rational inventory management and data processing. Continued monitoring for expired or stale stock enhances management performance and prevents bad stock.


What is EDI?


EDI relies on computers and communications technology to transmit commercial documents resulting from business between companies in a standard electronic data format via dedicated lines or communications networks. EDI can be used to transmit information to transaction partners, ensuring that communications concerning transactions can be performed swiftly, correctly, and at minimal cost. Thanks to the use of computers and communications networks to transmit data in a standard format, there is no need to perform repeated data input.


What are B2B, C2C, and B2C?


Specialized terms concerning e-commerce:

  • B2B is defined as business to business e-commerce
  • B2C is defined as business to consumer e-commerce
  • C2C is defined as customer to consumer e-commerce