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Q & A

My cargo was damaged in shipment, how can I file for compensation?


When cargo is damaged, you may apply for compensation based on the degree of damage. If no declaration of value was required at the time of consignment (for valuable goods), then compensation will not exceed NT$200 per kg or NT$3,000 per item. If a value was declared and the declaration fee was paid, then the declared value will be paid, to a maximum of NT$50,000. Compensation will be made in accordance with ground shipping industry laws and regulations.


What documents do I need in order to claim compensation?

  • Consignment note: if the customer cannot provide the consignment note, it can be provided by the shipping office.
  • Lost goods: please provide samples and an inventory.
  • Damaged goods: please keep the goods and provide photographs.
  • Delivery order (copy of receipt).
  • Cargo Accident Investigation Request and Declaration of Liability: provided by the shipment office, to be filled out by the customer.