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Q & A

When checking shipment status, what information do I need?


An 11 digit cargo tracking number.


I don't have a cargo tracking number, or I have lost my consignment note. Can I still track my cargo?

  • If you are the recipient, please ask the shipper for the correct cargo tracking number. (To ensure confidentiality, tracking information cannot be disclosed to the recipient without a cargo tracking number! )
  • If your consignment note is lost, you can track your cargo by contacting the shipping office and providing the date of shipment, sender's name, recipient's name, and destination address.


Why can't I track my package online?


Cargo can be tracked online for up to 75 days after the date of shipment. Past this date, please contact the shipping office or a customer service representative.


Online tracking says the shipment has arrived, but the customer says they haven't received it. What should I do?

  • Contact the shipping office for a copy of the signed delivery receipt.
  • Call 412-8999 (from mobile, add 02) for customer service.


How can I get a copy of a delivery receipt?

  • Contract customers can download delivery receipts from the Kerry TJ Logistics website.
  • Contact the shipping office to fax a copy.
  • Contact a customer service representative at 412-8999 (from mobile add 02)
  • Delivery receipts are kept for 1 year then destroyed

    Can a delivery receipt be sent to a third party?


    No. To protect customer privacy, delivery receipts can only be provided to the shipper.