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Q & A

What goods are unsuitable for shipment?

  • No goods prohibited by international MSDS (material safety data sheet) regulations will be accepted. Examples include explosive materials, oxidizing substances, organic peroxides, flammable gases, flammable liquids (solids), and highly volatile chemicals.
  • Liquefied products, goods that are poorly packaged, and cannot withstand shaking or will easily suffer damage.
  • The volume or weight of goods exceeds the capacity this company's vehicles.
  • Illegal cigarettes (alcoholic beverages), or other smuggled goods.
  • Live animals such as livestock or pets, or animal carcasses.
  • Plants, floral bouquets, flower seedlings.
  • Musical instruments.


What should I pay attention to when shipping low-temperature goods?

  • Precool refrigerated/frozen goods to the desired temperature to ensure that they are maintained at an appropriate temperature during shipping.
  • To prevent leakage and the goods coming out of their packing, please make sure that the goods are well-packed.


Can I send goods to a postal mailbox?


We regret that postal mailboxes are not valid addresses, and cannot be accepted.


Do you transport cars and motorcycles to offshore islands?


Motorcycles—Yes: Customers should ride motorcycles to the nearest office for shipping, and must provide a photocopy of their driver's license. After arrival at the destination, the recipient must present verifying documents at the local office or shipping center to claim the motorcycle.

Auto—We do not currently provide this service.


Do you deliver household appliances (such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners) and furniture?


Because Kerry TJ Logistics currently does not have the special equipment needed to transport large appliances or furniture, these goods usually will be accepted. However, if you are an appliance dealer, we can provide you with customized logistics services complying with your delivery conditions and location. Just enter relevant information in our customer comment section, and a representative will contact you; or you can also call our customer service at 412-8999 (add 02 when calling from a cell phone) (Monday - Friday 08:00-18:00, Saturday & Sunday 08:00-17:00).


What are the heaviest and largest items that can be shipped?


To ensure shipment safety, goods should ideally less than 30 kg in weight and less than 165 cm x 165 cm in size. As a result, one person should be able to carry each item.


Can I make shipments from my home?


Yes. Please contact with our station for further information.
Each station's phone number please refer to the main page:Location Search.


Do any forms have to be filled out when sending goods?


When making a pick-up, an SR (driver) will give the customer a shipping order to fill out. After filling out the shipping order, the SR (driver) will leave a receipt stub with the customer. To facilitate query of delivery status, be sure to retain this stub until the shipment has been delivered.


What should I pay attention to when packing and sending goods, and filling out the shipping order?

  • Packing should be as sturdy as possible; we cannot provide compensation if damage or missing items occur due to inadequate packing.
  • If an old cardboard carton is used, please make sure to cross out the original company name and address.
  • Please fill out the postal area code when using a single-item shipping order.


Do you pack goods for your customers?


We currently do not provide packing service. To lessen chance of damage during the transport process, make sure to pack goods securely before shipping.