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Q & A

What is shipping?

A certain quantity of goods transported in a non-exclusive shipment or by consignment.


What is logistics?

Logistics covers a range of activities including shipping, warehousing, storage, distribution, packaging, handling, distribution processing and data processing.


What refrigerated logistics options are available?

To meet the needs of different clients, we offer a range of multi-temperature solutions, ranging from deep frozen (-25℃) to frozen (-18℃), to chilled (0℃ to 7℃).


What’s the difference between valuables and general goods?

Valuables are processed separately, with a chain of custody assigned to specific personnel to ensure safety. These services are subject to extra fees. Shipments of general goods are processed at the same speed as valuables, but do not incur extra fees.


What is Station Service?

Station refers to when the client comes to our service station to pick up or drop off shipments, such as urgent shipments or large holiday shipments to save on the door-to-door delivery charge. For Station Service, please write “XX Station” directly in the “Recipient Address” field of the consignment bill.


I have some feedback to share with Kerry TJ. Where should I send it?

You can provide your feedback and suggestions directly in the customer suggestion box, and one of our agents will contact you shortly!


How do I find the closest drop off point to my location?

Check our website to find the closest service station or affiliate.