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Privacy policy

Because Kerry TJ Logistics understands the importance of protecting customers' privacy, it has consistently adopted a painstaking attitude toward the management, preservation, and accessing of customer data obtained in the course of our business operations. The customer data collected by this company is used to provide transport services, or to enhance and improve the services provided by this company, or when needed in communication and data transmission with the customer. Unless the customer gives prior consent, or required by law, this company will absolutely never arbitrarily provide customer-related data to any unrelated third party. In situations involving the provision of shipping services, Kerry TJ Logistics will, within a reasonable and appropriate scope, collect customers' personal information, including name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number, etc., in order to facilitate contact with shipper or recipient for the purpose of resolving shipping-related problems or providing delivery information.


Furthermore, when customers that have become formal members use this company's website ( to obtain online service, they will be asked to provide necessary information identifying them as customers. Kerry TJ Logistics will strive to protect customer information security; apart from preventing the loss or theft of data, we will also only authorize those employees who need such data to provide services to use customer data within a reasonable scope, and we prohibit such employees from arbitrarily disclosing customer privacy-related information. We use generally-used up-to-date information security technology to protect encrypted data on our website and relevant support systems, and prevent use by unauthorized personnel.


Nevertheless, we must remind you to take precautions, and note that all data that is readily visible on the exterior of goods, such as the recipient, sender, address, and bill of lading number, is not within the scope of this privacy protection policy. Please make sure to take protective measures to adequately safeguard your member account number, password, and any personal information; do not provide any personal information, especially passwords, to any third party. If a third party obtains information such as your member account number or password from outside this company's premises, and is able to enter your account management system (regardless of whether via the Internet or our customer service system), and accesses your registered personal information, or uses the member services provided by this company, this will not be within the scope of this privacy protection policy.


With regard to other linking or support software facilitating customers' shipment queries or knowledge of transport-related information, Kerry TJ Logistics may occasionally provide links to or information concerning an external website or cell phone support software on its website, but the provision of this information or links shall not indicate that Kerry TJ Logistics is subordinate to or has a contractual relationship with the website or support software, and likewise shall not indicate that Kerry TJ Logistics guarantees the security of the website or software. If customers wish to use this type of information, support software, or website functions, they must undertake to understand relevant charges and security matters, and Kerry TJ Logistics will bear no responsibility for the confidentiality measures and content of this type of external website or support software.


Revision of privacy protection policy: This company shall reserve the right to revise this privacy protection policy; please consult our website regularly to look for any revisions. Use of this website ( indicates that you have read and agreed to Kerry TJ Logistics' privacy protection policy.