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Board of Directors

2019 Major resolutions of the board

Date Type of Meeting Content of Resolutions
2019.05.14 Board Meeting 1. Approved the distribution of the 2018 profits
2. Reviewed the qualifications of independent
director candidates.
3. Approved the project of new right-of-use asset.
4. Resolved issues related to the 2019 Shareholders’
Meeting and agenda amendment.
2019.03.18 Board Meeting 1. Approved compensation of 2018 to the Board
of Directors and profit sharing with employees
2. Approved the 2018 Business Report and Consolidated
Financial Statement
3. Approved the 2018 Statement of Internal Control
4. Approved election for Board of Directors to be held at the
Annual General Meeting in June.
5. Approved release of the non-competition directors and
their representatives from competitive business.
6. Resolved the agenda, date, time and location of the 2019
Shareholders Meeting
7. Resolved the report items of the 2019 Shareholders
2019.01.22 Board Meeting 1. Approved the disposal of corporate property at Dacun,