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Agent for Refrigeration Equipment

As the general agent for U.S. company Carrier Transicold in Taiwan, we make use of our cold chain equipment and technology to provide the most advanced cold chain knowledge. We offer customers refrigeration equipment ensuring that their foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and perishable goods are shipped safely, while improving their low-temperature transport and storage value chains. We provide the widest range of relevant products in the industry, including transport refrigeration equipment and truck and trailer temperature control systems. These types of equipment can be paired with GPS journey temperature management systems, enabling the temperature of cargo in vehicles to be monitored in real-time while in transit, and helping managers to find optimal solutions in the shortest possible time when temperature changes occur.


We offer many professional cold chain logistics equipment planning and integration services, including specialized consulting, and are committed to ensuring that your products maintain their freshness. We hope to provide you with full-scale support from shipping to delivery.


Vehicle Refrigeration Unit Selection Guide


Independent Refrigeration Units


Vehicle-borne units


Refrigeration Engineering

Our services include refrigeration and freezer equipment; cooling air conditioning engineering; constant-temperature/constant-humidity engineering; ultra-low-temperature equipment and relevant engineering; and consulting, planning, design, contract issuance, construction supervision, contracting, and maintenance. We focus on freezer and refrigeration technology in the areas of foods, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and logistics, and offer impressive experience and technological expertise. We further provide remote temperature monitoring systems able to issue warnings through GSM. These systems enable managers to monitor on-site information in real-time, shortening response time, and ensuring that customers' products in refrigerated storage receive a high degree of protection.


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