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Service Equipment

Barcode readers, performing management of goods

We have set up barcode readers in our stations and in delivery vehicles. We record the status of goods at each point from consolidation to transshipment and delivery, and provide a query service via the online tracking service, enabling customers to determine the status of their in-transit goods at any point in time.


Temperature-controlled vehicle compartments, ensuring the temperature quality of goods

We pre-cool vehicles 30 minutes before departure, and use equipment including temperature probes and temperature recorders to monitor temperatures and temperature control performance at all times, ensuring the temperature and shipping quality of vehicle compartments.


Use of GPRS positioning systems and electronic temperature recorders to maintain complete shipment status histories

Each of our vehicles is equipped with a GPRS positioning system, which is used in conjunction with electronic temperature recorders to record the temperature and shipping status of all goods.


Real-time online shipment status queries:

We provide transparent real-time distribution information, employing that customers receive information at the same time as Trust speed.


Consignment form image scanning equipment

We use consignment form image scanning equipment to enable customers to query shipment status online and also view consignment receipt images.