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Basic Information

KERRY TS Pharma Logistics is Taiwan's sole specialized, open pharmaceutical logistics company. KERRY TS Pharma Logistics’ distribution channels encompass hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies throughout Taiwan. KERRY TS Pharma Logistics serves major domestic and foreign pharmaceutical firms and logistics centers. Trust speed has established 17 distribution offices throughout Taiwan, and operates a truck fleet consisting of close to 150 large and small vehicles. All vehicles have air-conditioning for constant-temperature transport. Onboard GPRS positioning systems enable monitoring of cargo safety and shipment location. KERRY TS Pharma Logistics has purchased extensive insurance to guard against the loss or damage of goods while transported by its truck fleet. KERRY TS Pharma Logistics guarantees the items entrusted by its customers, and relies on information equipment and historical records to respond to online queries concerning the whereabouts of shipments.


Sure safety - KERRY TS Pharma Logistics - implementing GDP rules and maintaining citizens' pharmaceutical safety


2013 - passed the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration's GDP guidance inspection visit with an outstanding assessment

2013 - passed WHO-GDP certification, confirming its status as a superior drugs transport firm.


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