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Service Equipment

Mobile dispatching management system:

Our mobile dispatching management system has improved dispatching of personnel and vehicles, and ensured the integrity of receiving and shipping.


HT handheld barcode reading and labeling equipment:

We make sure that all items have barcodes, and use HT handheld barcode readers to manage cargo routing management, strengthening monitoring of each control point.


Real-time online cargo status queries:

Our official website provides transparent real-time distribution information, ensuring that customers and Kerry TJ Logistics receive information at the same time.


Shipment confirmation forms suitable for use at low temperatures, EDI data
exchange system:

We use forms printed on waterproof paper, and employ electronic data interchange to access shipment data, saving time and effort in batch processing.


Low-temperature vehicle temperature monitoring and GPS positioning system:

We use temperature testing equipment including temperature probes and temperature recorders, and constantly monitor temperature control performance.


Logistics storage cart equipment:

In the case of specialized stowage methods such as top-heavy/bottom-light and cross-bracing, we provide goods with superior stacking and securing methods, increasing the truck stowage rate and reducing wasted truck space.