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Protective Measurements for Occupational Safety and Personal Security at the Workplace

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Access Security With 24-hour CCTV and access control system, we hold employees’ personal safety to high standards.
Maintenance and Checkups for Equipment and Facilities
  • With the emphasis on good ventilation and proper lighting, eye-protective LED lighting system is applied and the office wall, floor and furniture use anti-glare and anti-flame materials; multi-functional copiers are placed in separate areas to reduce hazards; professional cleaner are appointed to maintain office environment on a daily basis, with comprehensive disinfection program every 6 months. According to the regulations for inspecting and reporting buildings’ public security, public safety inspection is performed every 2 years.
  • Adequate device and space: First-aid kits and supplies are provided along with nursing rooms at the workplace. Body-weight scales, blood-pressure meters and AEDs are placed at designated locations for employees to use. For drinking fountains, monthly maintenance and quarterly examination is scheduled to ensure water quality.
Disaster Preventive Measures
  • Management in charge of occupational safety and health are designated and OSH manager should report to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) under Ministry of Labor.
  • Prepare and compile rules and regulations pertaining to Occupational Safety and Health (“OSH”), such as “Regulations Governing Disaster Prevention, “Work Principles for OSH,” “Management Regulations for OSH,” “OSH Management Principles for Contractors.” Standard operation procedures are set up and well executed to ensure occupational safety and health.
  • Install a sound fire suppression system with fire-fighting appliances and equipment in compliance with the Fire Services Act, and monthly maintenance and repair schedule is in place as well as annual inspection by approved agency. Biannually, there is a fire drill to familiarize all employees with life-saving evacuation SOP.
  • For continuous education and improvement, periodic statistical analysis of occupational hazards and related training programs are set up, and certified medical and emergency care personnel are deployed. In addition, we hold programs that promote better labor environment and strive to care for both safety and efficiency.
Physiological Wellbeing
  • Annual employee health check.
  • Recruit medical care personnel to perform employee health management by grades, promote OSH, epidemic prevention program, weight loss programs, etc.
Mental Wellbeing
  • Sexual harassment prevention: Rules governing appeal to sexual harassment are been established.
  • Employees' welfare funds host company trips every year for the wellbeing of all staff.
Insurance and medical coverage In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, employees are insured for labor and health insurance, and each employee is proactively insured for group insurance as well. Should any accidental injury occurs, the employee can apply for insurance claim. In addition, employees and their dependents are also open to underwrite other personal insurance at preferential rates.