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Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Value in Environmental Protection


We deeply believe that environmental protection is as important as corporate development. Our values guide the application of our organizational power such that every member of the enterprise is empowered to lead by example in initiating, sustaining and nurturing our collective and corporate responsibility to protect our natural environment.


To ensure compliance with the Air Pollution Control Act, Kerry TJ Logistics makes substantial investments annually in purchasing the most environmentally-friendly vehicles while also constantly upgrading equipment in line with government environmental protection policies. Our efforts to promote environmental protection are an important part of the firm's long-term dedication to serving the community. Our service stations and staff are active participants in their surrounding communities, coming in on weekends to help local schools in neighborhood cleanups, setting up handicap access parking spaces, painting walls and trimming trees to prevent typhoon damage. The children at these schools are the future of the country, and it's up to us to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment to learn in. Our staff is fully supportive of the company's commitment to environmental protection and good neighborliness, and their actions are a clear reflection of the importance of social responsibility to our corporate culture.


Caring for the Underprivileged


Our staff members are active members of their communities, regularly volunteering to provide care and assistance to disadvantaged groups. The logistics business is about satisfying the needs of our communities and neighbors, and our people apply this ethic to all of their efforts. They visit retirement communities to providing care and companionship to our senior citizens, spreading joy and sharing love to enhancing the quality of life of our elders. Through cooperation with the social welfare groups, our people visit remote indigenous villages, bringing deliveries of frozen food with an extra helping of loving care, bringing smiles to the faces of local children. Our goal is to use our expertise in logistics to spread love and warmth throughout Taiwan.


Giving Back to Taiwan


Adhering to the philosophy wherein those who derive benefit from society should give back to society, Kerry TJ Logistics actively works with civic groups on a wide range of initiatives and activities, ranging from charity drives to the provision of logistical resources and expertise to support community events. In addition to the time and effort volunteered by our employees, the firm offers corporate support to initiatives that help the people of Taiwan develop a deeper appreciation of our rich and diverse culture and heritage.


Caring for Our Employees


Our people are our most important asset, and Kerry TJ Logistics puts a strong emphasis on training to ensure the continual development of our human capital. In addition to salary, medical coverage, pension, maternity and paternity leave, and annual leave, Kerry TJ Logistics employees receive annual health screenings and travel stipends. More importantly, the company provides a clean and safe work environment, and all operations are guided by the 5S process: Seiri (tidiness), Seiton (orderliness), Seiso (cleanliness), Seiketsu (standardization) and Shitsuke (discipline) to provide our staff with a quality work environment. Each operations station conducts daily safety checks before the first truck goes out to ensure the safety of our drivers and the general public. Our emphasis is on the well-being of our employees, creating an environment in which our team members feel cared for, an environment characterized by commitment and trust – this is the firm's most basic and important responsibility.