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Warehousing Services

Distribution warehousing services


Kerry TJ Logistics bases in Taiwan, and has established distribution centers at 18 locations around the island. Both our ambient distribution centers and low-temperature distribution centers offer excellent warehouse storage spaces, and we provide your products with painstaking care and proper preservation. We also provide the finest warehouse management services and high-quality operation, enabling you to achieve a closely-linked supply chain and increase your competitiveness.


We can create customized services reflecting our understanding of your needs, and we offer superlative service that encompasses the planning of various logistics operations and our on-site logistics tasks. We want your company to rely on extraordinary supply chain effectiveness to stand out in the midst of intensely competitive markets.


Our many professional services include ambient temperature warehousing, constant-temperature warehousing, low-temperature warehousing, bonded warehousing, and various value-added services (VAS).