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Legal Statement

All persons who enter and use the Kerry TJ Logistics website ("this website") must uphold the following rules and regulations. The provision of information, services, and products by Kerry TJ Logistics Co., Ltd. ("Kerry TJ Logistics") on this website shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:

  • This website and information, names, images, illustrations, logos, and graphics concerning Kerry TJ Logistics or its product and services shall be provided "as is," do not imply any statement or approval, and likewise do not imply any explicit or implicit guarantee, including but not limited to implicit guarantees concerning marketability, suitability for certain uses, or absence of tort.
  • All images, logos, pictures, audio/video segments, information, services, software, and other materials provided or disclosed on this website ("website content") is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and laws. You agree to not take or modify such content, or produce derivative works from any website content, or reproduce, reprint, download, distribute, or utilize website content for any personal purposes. All other use of website content requires the prior written consent of Kerry TJ Logistics or relevant third party owners.
  • Kerry TJ Logistics has not verified and does not guarantee the correctness of relevant information, and shall categorically bear no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses or damage caused as a result of your use of relevant information. In addition, the information on this website is not necessarily provided exclusively for your individual needs; before using any information you have obtained, you have the responsibility to decide for yourself whether relevant information is suitable for your purposes. The meaning of "information" here includes but is not limited to information that can be browsed only after logging in using the designated user name and password.
  • Kerry TJ Logistics shall categorically bear no responsibility under any circumstances for any losses (including direct, special, indirect, or related losses) incurred as a result of entering or using this website or due to or connected with the use and dissemination of information provided by this website.
  • The information provided by this website may be updated regularly. Kerry TJ Logistics reserves the right to revise, improve, and/or change the information, rules and regulations, names, images, illustrations, logos, and graphics uploaded to this website, as well as the products and services mentioned by this website, at any time without prior notification. The information, names, illustrations, images, logos, and graphics acquired from this website may be from other locations apart from this website. As a consequence, Kerry TJ Logistics shall categorically have no duties and bear no responsibility in connection with any content inside or outside this website, or produced, acquired, or browsed via this website.
  • Trademarks, product names, images, logos, and illustrations used to identify Kerry TJ Logistics' products and services, and all webpage design, text, and pictures are the property of Kerry TJ Logistics. Except when clearly prescribed, this legal statement shall not be interpreted as the granting of any permission or rights concerning Kerry TJ Logistics' copyrights or other intellectual property rights.
  • The products and services mentioned on this website shall be subject to Kerry TJ Logistics' "Shipping Guidelines" and other relevant regulations at all times. Please obtain a copy of the "Shipping Guidelines" from a nearby Kerry TJ Logistics office to view terms and conditions
  • If infection by a virus is found to have occurred in spite of Kerry TJ Logistics' vigilant protective measures undertaken to keep this website free of viruses, Kerry TJ Logistics shall not bear responsibility for any losses or damage directly or indirectly attributable to infection by a virus. You should adopt all appropriate and effective preventive measures before downloading information from this website.
  • You agree to not alter the information on this website, block or restrict other users' logging-on to this website, interfere with the normal operation of this website, or destroy the integrity of this website via illicit access of this website.
  • You must uphold the laws of the judicial jurisdiction in which you are located when you log on to this website, and agree to browse and use the information on this website in compliance with said laws. Unless clearly noted in this statement, any information you provide via this website shall be deemed to be non-confidential and non-proprietary information. You herby affirm that you possess the lawful right to provide such information, and agree that you will only provide information that you have the legal right to provide.
  • Any legal action or lawsuits concerning this website shall be subject to the law of the Republic of China. If you wish to initiate any lawsuit against Kerry TJ Logistics, you clearly agree that Kerry TJ Logistics shall have the right to select in which jurisdiction the lawsuit shall be submitted.
  • Kerry TJ Logistics may suspend, block, and/or terminate your use of this website at any time and for any reason, or without providing a reason. You must assume responsibility for all orders made prior to termination or the suspension of the use of this website, and all expenses so incurred.
  • Kerry TJ Logistics hereby reserves the right to revise or alter these terms and rules without prior notification, and shall retain the right to comprehensively alter, suspend, or terminate all content or any aspect of this website.