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Notes on Consignment Items

  1. These consignment terms apply whenever a sender (i.e. consignor) consigns goods to Kerry TJ Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") for shipment. The sender shall agree with all of the terms and content of this agreement.
  2. During consignment, the sender shall truthfully fill out the consignment form. In the event of any false statement, the Company assumes no liability for damages, and the sender shall be responsible for any related legal liability. If the Company suffers any damages as a result of any misstatement the sender shall be liable for compensation accordingly.
  3. The following items may not be consigned for delivery. In the event of any violation the Company shall bear no liability:
    • Prohibited items as stipulated by law
    • Contraband cigarettes (alcohol) or other smuggled goods
    • Motorcycles and bicycles of unknown origin and other stolen goods
    • Flammable, explosive, corrosive, radioactive, highly volatile or stipulated dangerous items
    • Live animals, animal carcasses or other infectious, perishable, and not-easily
      preserved items
    • Cash, securities, credit cards, debit cards, tender documents, passports, billing
      information or similar documentary proofs.
    • Marble, diamonds, and all types of stone materials and glass products, wood/stone
      carving art, glass, bottles and other fragile goods
    • For frozen and refrigerated goods, please contact our cold storage team.
  4. Damaged or lost goods that we are not liable for:
    • Protruding parts of machinery that are not securely packed.
    • Milled and cast metal products, items with coins inside.
    • Motorcycles, bicycles, sewing machines, strollers or other types of pram.
    • Pesticides and canned chemicals.
    • Marble, diamonds, and all types of stone materials and glass products, wood, stone
      carving art, glass bottles and other fragile goods.
    • Any items that are easily broken or that leak easily (including packages that soften
      due to temperature increase of low temperature items).
    • Damaged low temperature goods due to improper temperature handling or storage.
      For example, no low temperature storage or the core temperature does not meet
      safety standards.
    • Returned faulty items.
  5. Shipments that require additional freight fees:
    • Non-carton-packed goods: For example: goods packed in sacks, bubble bags, paper
      bags, plastic bags and other oversized or overweight goods.
    • Unpackaged shipments: Unpackaged metal parts, elongated or tubular items,
      mechanical items, tools, engines, gearboxes, mattresses, etc.
    • Over-long shipments: Goods with height greater than the cage car or length longer
      than 180 cm (inclusive)
    • Pallet shipments: No other goods can be stacked on the top and the shipment cannot
      exceed one pallet in size. (Standard pallet = 110cm long * 110cm wide)
    • Overweight shipments: Weight over 50 kg and volume greater than 10 sai
      (1 sai = 1.8 ml).
    • Oversized shipments: Goods that cannot be caged (height of pallet stack cannot
      exceed 180 cm.)
  6. Value declaration of goods: The value of valuable items should be declared (goods name and amount shall be filled in on the consignment note). Each item's declared value should not exceed NT$50,000. In the event of losses occurring with no value declaration, compensation will not exceed NT$200 per kg or NT$3,000 per piece. 1% of the declared value will be charged as a value declaration fee.
  7. If company personnel cannot confirm the identity of the recipient (i.e. the consignee), the recipient rejects the goods, or for any other reason is unable to receive the goods, the Company is not liable for the delay and can ask the sender to provide further delivery instructions within a reasonable period. If the sender does not provide instructions, the Company may decide how to handle the goods and the handling fees shall be borne by the sender.
  8. The sender agrees that the goods accepted by the Company for carriage may be transported by other units or companies. However, the Company shall still be held responsible for the delivery under this clause.
  9. The weight of packaged goods should not exceed 30 kg per piece and the volume cannot exceed 45 m3. The length, width and height should be appropriate and goods should be able to be moved by one person.
  10. Services:
    • Home delivery and payment collection services.
    • Date-specified delivery.
    • Signed acknowledgment of receipt returned to sender.
    • Valuables delivery.
    • Next-day delivery.
  11. Kerry TJ Logistics - calculation of sai volume unit
    • sai = 1 cubic Taiwanese foot = about 30cm3
    • 2. Calculation of dimensions: Max. length x max. width x max. height
    • Bulky goods shall be converted to sai in accordance with volume.
    • Heavy goods shall be converted to sai in accordance with weight.
    • For one shipment, if the total volume is less than 3 sai, pricing is based on 3 sai.