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Ambient Temperature Distribution

Kerry TJ Logistics' ambient temperature distribution has evolved from ordinary less-than-truck-load transport to integrated logistics services. In conjunction with services provided by the various units in the Kerry TJ Logistics Group, we offer customized services meeting the needs of different types of customers. Apart from 2B service, we also serve major boutiques, department stores, various agencies and schools, and even offer 2C distribution. We further provide special distribution services such as specified delivery location, specified date, and cash on delivery. We can meet the shipment needs of agricultural products produced at different seasons in different locations of Taiwan, and offer local farmers direct 2C delivery service. Furthermore, we offer special luggage delivery service for university and college students during their winter and summer vacations. Finally, in order to contribute to society, we offer dedicated transport services to members of underprivileged groups in conjunction with nonprofit organizations and public interest groups.


Kerry TJ Logistics makes an optimal ambient temperature distribution partner for every person, company, and agency.